Creative brief: To create a campaign that would make Twinkies relevant once again.

Big Idea: We capitalized on what made Twinkies world-famous in the first place: their near-death experience back in 2012. And we did so by creating a conspiracy theory. One that would center around aliens and the Apocalypse.

AD: Me

CW: Harumi Rangel


February 20, 2020


1. Purple Twinkies Released

Twinkies will catch people’s attention using a PR stunt. 100,000 seemingly ordinary packaged Twinkies will be colored purple without people’s knowledge.

eyob min.png
nico min.png

March 5, 2020


2. Twitter Feud

Hostess will tweet a fishy excuse after being silent for two weeks. Twinkies will partner with Ancient Aliens Host Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who will instigate the conspiracy theory. After some banter, Hostess will concede and “play along” with Giorgio Tsoukalos’s conspiracy theory.


March 7, 2020


3. Conspiracy Website

A conspiracy theory website framed as having been made by Giorgio Tsoukalos will be shared on Twitter by the man himself. On the website, people can learn more about the conspiracy theory.


March 10, 2020


4. Twinkies Spoof Video

After deciding to play along with the theory, Hostess will release a spoof video of the CEO.

March 12, 2020


5. Hostess Social Media

Hostess will also post photos on social media referencing past missions.


March 18, 2020


6. Twinkies Website

Hostess will create a website for Twinkies, where people can access the countdown for the Mars 2020 mission as well as the merchandise that would be framed to help support future space missions.


April 1, 2020


7. Twinkies Delivery

On April Fool’s Day, Twinkies will send 10,000 Twinkie boxes to NASA.