The Color Complex 

Back in the spring of 2018, a group of 3 interdisciplinary students and I came together to compete in the inaugural university-wide program called the President’s Award for Global Learning. Later that fall, our team was selected to represent the region of Africa for the University of Texas and won a $25k grant to implement our 2-year, self-proposed project.

This summer we’ll be going to Accra, Ghana to do research and social impact initiatives over the issues of colorism. Our plan is to create a social campaign that will run at both the University of Texas and the University of Ghana's campus to mitigate the negative effects of this serious mental health concern.



2/3 of the world suffers from colorism. Colorism is the preferential treatment of those of a Caucasian aesthetic. It has been found to have negative effects on the self perceptions and health of people of color.

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It’s also a growing 8.9 billion dollar industry.

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Spring 2019 we’ll perform qualitative research at UT Austin. Then in the Summer, we’ll continue our research in Accra by partnering with the University of Ghana. Next Fall, we’ll brief the capstone advertising/PR class at UT Austin to prepare social marketing campaigns for both campuses’ health services. Finally, Spring 2020, we’ll run our campaigns and have surveys provided by a Ph.D. survey’s class to measure their success.


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