The Pit BBQ Media Plan

In the Advanced Media Planning Foundations course, we were given the task to form teams and act as our own media agency where we would help our client, The Pit BBQ, with their move from Austin, Texas, to Omaha, Nebraska. In our proposal we had to execute 3 different parts — Part 1: Planning Research & Insights, Part 2: Recommendations & Logistics, and Part 3: the final presentation. Within these parts, we had to hit 3 objectives — Inform: our strategies needed to educate our target[s] in Omaha about the Pit BBQ name, location, and grand opening; Incentivize: the target[s] needed to not only be reached, but also compelled to visit Pit BBQ for a dining experience; and Inspire: advocacy, pass-along brand value via social media and other forms of support for The Pit BBQ.

Our proposal won 1st place out of 25 teams.



Given a media budget of $85,000, successfully launch a new out-of-state branch of The Pit BBQ without impacting the brand that is already established.


Our media agency, vincitori, focused on bringing Old Market back to the way it’s meant to be with The Pit BBQ by framing it as the approachable restaurant among the abundance of fine-dining and high-end stores in the area.