Austin Panic Room


After learning from our first cold calling experience with Spun (see below), my partner Harrison and I decided to pitch a proposal to Austin Panic Room. We won partnership to research and propose solutions to aid brand voice and consistency within Austin Panic Room. Additionally, we designed social posts to announce a grand reopening. 



After being inspired by a podcast on how Andy Spade first started advertising through cold calling companies, my friend Harrison and I decided to try it out. 

As our first self-initiated project we took on a huge learning curve—we had no idea what we were doing. However, with a lot of ambition, and through the advice of our advertising TA and numerous senior advertising students, we prepared an in-depth case study on improving consumer experience inside Austin's local ice cream shop, Spun. We analyzed Spun's current environment and competition to provide solutions and improvements. We had the chance to discuss our brief with co-founder Ashely Cheng.