Gluttonous Aliens

Back in 2012, Hostess Brands “claimed” bankruptcy to explain why Twinkies were being discontinued. But in reality, what Hostess didn’t want you to know was that the Government was under alien threat. The Aliens wanted either Twinkies or to destroy human life.

AD: Me

CW: Harumi Rangel

Editor: Peyton Young

Aliens: Maya Shaddock, Weston Bliobenes

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.42.09 PM-min.png


During a meeting between the Government and the Aliens, the Government discovers the Aliens’ weakness: chocolate.

After this revelation, the Government kills off the aliens with chocolate; thus, bringing back Twinkies to humankind and the reason why Twinkies came back in 2013.


Behind the Scenes

This idea was originally part of an alternative conspiracy for the Twinkies Campaign. However, it too, like the aliens, got killed.