Who am I?

You can call me Rebecca, Becca, Becs, Reboobca, really anything but Becky will do.


Things you must know about me

Bread is my love language.

Podcasts are my drug of choice.

If I suddenly slip into a British accent, it means I like you.


I’ve recently decided to break up with advertising. For reasons too long to fit into this little box, I’ll condense it to this: I want more control over decisions for what would have impact, not control over the hand-off “solutions” that were decided without me. Thus, I’m discovering a new relationship with innovation/design consultancies that I want to explore. At the end of the day, my interest resides in combining creative storytelling with social change.

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Relevant info: completed the Texas Creative Sequence in the nation's #1 advertising program at The University of Texas at Austin. My experiences include winning a $25k grant, making claymations and Twinkie conspiracies, being a student designer at IBM and WKRM, and taking pictures under Jeremy Lock (named Military Photojournalist of the Year seven times).

For a more official document, here’s my resume.