Who am I?

Hi. I'm Rebecca (Becca, Becs, Reboobca, anything but Becky will do.) Nine times out of ten, you'll catch me wearing either a denim or mustard jacket. Not because I don't know how to do laundry, I'm just a creature of habit.

Relevant info you're probably looking for: currently pursuing my B.S. in the Texas Creative Sequence in the nation's #1 advertising program at The University of Texas at Austin. My experiences include winning a $25k grant for the President’s Award for Global Learning, being a student designer at IBM, interning at GSD&M and directing a studio shoot under Jeremy Lock, 7 Time Military Photographer of the Year and National Geographic Editor.

I'm most fulfilled when I'm learning. I hoard questions like they're gold and use them to further any understanding I can from each experience. 

I love podcasts, thoughtful questions, and eating bread. If you'd like to chat or eat bread together drop me a line!

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